4 Easy Steps To Clean and Hydrated Skin

4 Easy Steps To Clean and Hydrated Skin

Achieve clean and hydrated skin with BIODERMA’s Hydrabio H20 micellar water.

Achieve clean and hydrated skin in 4 simple steps with BIODERMA‘s Hydrabio H20 micellar water. The winner of #BAZAARBeautyAwards2017Best Hydrating Cleanser” —  this moisturizing, make-up removing micellar water will leave your skin soft, comfortable and radiant!

BIODERMA’s Hydrabio Range

The Hydrabio range is made to tackle skin dehydration and premature cutaneous ageing. All of the products within the Hydrabio range consists of the active ingredient of Aquageniumwhich helps to reactivate the natural hydration process and boost water circulation in the cells. 

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Hydrabio H20

A moisturizing, make-up removing micellar solution that is cleansing and moisturizing the skin at the same time.



BIODERMA Hydrabio H20, 500ml. RM116

Directions for use:

Soak a cotton pad in Hydrabio H20 and then cleanse and/or remove make up from the face and eyes. No rinsing required.

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