BAZAAR Hair Awards 2017: Best Hair Straightener

Your tresses will look absolutely glossy and frizz-free.

Philips MoistureProtect Straightener HP8372/03, RM439


Moisture is key to silky smooth hair with a healthy shine. This intuitive hair straightener is equipped with an innovative MoistureProtect sensor that diagnoses your hair 30 times per second and regulates the heat of the ceramic plates for your hair needs by adapting the temperature to preserve much-desired hydration.

Why BAZAAR Loves It

Besides its elegant design, this straightener is easy to use and heats up super fast in just 15 seconds—perfect for women on the go. It also has three digital temperature settings that work with the sensor to ensure a constant caring temperature for every hair type. The risk of hair breakage is also greatly reduced with its floating ceramic plates that move to exert the perfect pressure on your hair and protect the hair shaft from being damaged.

Bonus Points

Your tresses will look absolutely glossy and frizz-free because of the charged negative ions, which not only eliminate static charge but condition the hair and smooth hair cuticles. You can even curl your hair with it by twisting the barrel outwards or inwards as you go down the shaft.

Try it with…

Phillips MoistureProtect Dryer HP8280/03, RM469

Prep your hair and pump up the volume with this brilliant tool. MoistureProtect sensors use infrared technology to automatically diagnose hair and adapt to ideal temperature, preserving natural hydration and preventing damage. The ionic conditioning feature also closes cuticles that cause frizz, and smoothens the hair shaft for an extra glossy finish.

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