What We Love From Around The World

The top stories we love from around the web this week. By Melanie Chow

In this weekly installment, we round up a few articles and stories from around the web that pique our attention. This will range from business to culture and, of course, fashion. See what stories made the list this week:

1. In Fight Against Fakes, Alibaba and Owner of Gucci Go From Adversaries to Partners

Alibaba has been trying to dismiss the perception that it is a marketplace for counterfeit luxury goods. In an effort to do so, Alibaba and luxury goods giant Kering set their differences aside, on the account that Alibaba amps up its measures to identify fakes in its marketplace, which is dominated by third-party vendors.

 2. 6 Successful Women On What It Takes To Get Ahead

Conquering the fields of politics, STEM, and design, each of these women have a few things in common: vision, grit, and a healthy dose of persistence. They broke barriers, each in their own ways, and their stories are bound to inspire you.

3. 6 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Style Inspiration

From Aimee Song to Yoyo Cao, these are the accounts to follow for days when you run dry of style inspiration.

4. ‘It’s been normalized’: Inside the rise of gender-fluid fashion

With a refreshing number of runway lineups abandoning gender binaries, gender fluidity seems to be the common topic in the fashion world these days. However, the industry has had decades to warm up to the idea. This story explores the history of gender-bending fashion which dates back to the 1930s.

5. Dior and Louis Vuitton Are the Fashion Brands with Best Instagram Stories Engagement

To mark the first anniversary of Stories, Facebook-owned Instagram released a list of top 15 fashion industry users with its ranking based on the cumulative number of story views over the past year amongst top accounts with 10 million or more followers. Read to find out how or why these luxury houses made the list.

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