Fendi Studios in Rome: Where Fashion Meets Film

Reenact iconic movie scenes by sitting in the front seat of a vintage Alpa Romeo and catch a film at...

Courtesy of Fendi

Now showing, ‘Fendi Studios‘, a thrilling new exhibition that highlights Fendi‘s 60-year relationship with the world of cinema. The digitally immersive exhibition opens at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, the Roman brand’s global headquarters, which has transformed into a series of cinema studios comprising of interactive movie stages and a real cinema.

Fashion and film have always shared a special synergy. How can we forget some of the most iconic imagery in cinematic history from Margot Tenenbaum draped in her Fendi fur in The Royal Tenenbaums, to the vintage cars and Fendi fur coats of The Grand Budapest Hotel, Never Say Never and Evita?

The exhibition invites you to enter the glamorous world of cinema and fashion where you can interact and reinvent movie scenes while discovering Fendi’s iconic pieces all at once.

Here, the 5 must-sees when in Rome:

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Ticket, Please

A fetching vintage Italian-style ticket kiosk welcomes you to this glamorous cinematic world. An introduction wall narrates the key phases of the exhibition.

Courtesy of Fendi

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