F Is For Fendi: The Ring Of The Future

F Is For Fendi: The Ring Of The Future

Celebrating universal creativity and boundary-blind art.

F is For… is a platform for millennials made by millennials under the Italian house. Masterminded by Cristiana Monfardini, the concept of Fendi’s younger sibling was conceived to create and share experiences both online and offline with the aim of translating the Fendi DNA for a younger generation.

Caro Daur

This year, F is For… involved six young street artists from all over the world to create, for the very first time, a 6-hands artwork on the Palazzo Della Civiltà Italiana rooftop: The Ring of The Future.

The artists included: Gary from UK, Cave from Iran, Hillel Smith from the USA, Roes from Hong Kong, Casper from Japan and Jodae from South Korea write the word FUTURE in their own language inside a yellow ring, recalling a visual embrace, where the last letter meets and melts into the next one into a cultural hypnotic loop.

A FUTURE embodying new generations’ hope to overcome cultural barriers and diversity, embracing the power of thinking and celebrating Palazzo Della CIviltà Italiana rooftop as the place where everything becomes possible.

Each artist brings his own passion to create this shared artwork, mixing their distinctive styles yet their cultures in a new collective language. All the talents collaborate in the realization and finishing of their own art yet the others. Six different ways of communicating in a new artistical melting pot – from English to Japanese, from Hebrew to Arabic and from Mandarin to Korean – with one positive message only, overcoming all barriers towards an embracing fearless future.








Cordell Broadus


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