Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars Collection

BAZAAR rides with Amelia Henderson and Tunku Elana Khyra in the stylish C250 Cabriolet and SLC300 from the Mercedes-Benz Dream...

With a special invitation in hand and the exclusive BAZAAR tee to boot, Tunku Elana Khyra and Amelia Henderson made a statement at the BAZAAR Fashion Party with their loudest accessories: the C 250 Cabriolet and the SLC 300 from the Mercedes-Benz Dream Cars collection.

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Amelia Henderson wearing White T-shirt, Harper’s BAZAAR. Tweed jacket; and slip dress; both from Chanel. Earrings; rings; and shoes, all model’s own. Styled by Mughni Che Din, Photographed by Eric Chow

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