Lock Me Up

Rev up your passion for love in these modern love nests by Naressa Khan.
Skip the candlelit folly and enjoy love as it is in 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin’s Neni Restaurant

Skip the candlelit folly and enjoy love as it is in 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin’s Neni Restaurant

For the hipsters … 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, Germany
Located in the Kleines Hochhaus high-rise building on Budapester Street, 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin combines nature and culture into an urban jungle concept, fit for city-centric couples looking for an immediate holistic experience. Overlooking the Berlin Zoo, the hotel comprises of 149 rooms split into two personalities: the Jungle rooms facing the zoo reflect a warmer design with its natural materials and hues, while the Urban rooms facing Berlin’s iconic landmarks represent the city’s edge with their slick aesthetics. On top of the hotel’s eclectic assortment of plush beds, minibars, and iPod docking stations, guests are also offered free bicycle rentals, allowing them to explore the city in true hipster fashion.

All rooms are “erotically charged”, leaving little to the imagination

All rooms are “erotically charged”, leaving little to the imagination; Hôtel Grand Amour, Paris

For the kink chasers …Hôtel Grand Amour, Paris 
If there is one thing we have always loved about Paris, it’s the sexy nostalgia that permeates the city air, and this atmosphere is recreated at the Hôtel Grand Amour. Situated on Rue de la Fidélité, the hotel appeals to the eye with its foyer of wood panels, zinc bar, and retro chairs. Whatever your preferences in the boudoir, you know a good night will always await you at a place literally called “grand love”.

For the bookworms …Book and Bed Tokyo, Japan
Sometimes, a good story is all that bonds. If nodding off to a book sounds more appealing than a night of physical loving, then Book and Bed Tokyo is the perfect destination. Located in Tokyo’s Toshima-ku area, the chic stay prides itself on being “an accommodation bookshop”. Indeed, it hosts an endless supply of books and comics – not to be sold,
but to be read anywhere within its cosy environment.

Sala Silver Mine, Sweden

The Underground Mine Suite at Sala Silver Mine, Sweden

For the brave explorers …Sala Silver Mine, Sweden
No two adventurous souls are alike, but some are lucky enough to cross paths and fall in love. If this sounds like your kind of romantic milestone, celebrate it with a booking of
the Mine Suite at the Sala Silver Mine in Sweden. Dubbed “the world’s deepest hotel room”, the hotel suite is located 155m underground, surrounded by winding galleries. After a guided tour, residents of the Mine Suite will be left alone to
enjoy a full basket of cheese, biscuits, fruits, sparkling wine, and chocolate, as well as some privacy for the night, before being served breakfast and taken back up the next morning.

For the film buffs …The Brando, French Polynesia
Lusting after a picturesque escape in the tropics, but don’t know where exactly to go? Head to The Brando. Spearheaded and managed by Tumi Brando, the hotel takes in the lush atoll of Tetiaroa Island, a 20-minute plane ride away from Tahiti, owned by her late grandfather and Hollywood hero, Marlon. The land captured the heart of the legendary actor while he was filming Mutiny on the Bounty, and he proceeded to buy it to commemorate his burgeoning relationship with co-star
Tarita Teriipaia. Relive their story with your stay, and extend the love beyond romance with the resort’s eco-friendly activities such as biologist of the day excursions and
tours of Tetiaroa.

Share a sexy bath with your lover in your suite

Share a sexy bath with your lover in your suite at the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania

For the green panthers …Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Tanzania 
If there is one place that could outfit your dreams of being king and queen, it would be the Ngorongoro Crater Lodge in Tanzania. Set against the wild backdrop of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the charming accommodation invites guests to reign over the kingdom of wildlife with a designated guide before indulging in a picnic on the crater floor. Once all is said and done, retreat to your enchanting chamber, where you can share a midnight’s bath and the view of the vast, unpolluted East African sky on the balcony.

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