BAZAAR Cities: 48 Hours in Penang with Melissa Yang

BAZAAR Cities takes you into the world of a BAZAAR woman, from the places she dines, drinks, shops, and spas to all her secret spots to explore in a unique Malaysian city. Step into the shoes of four different Malaysian personalities who will take you on a tour to discover their hidden gems—right here in their native city.

Melissa Yang at The Habitat, Penang Hill

In the third episode, we welcome you to the city that’s extra spicy. With its reputation as one of the food capitals of the world with stunning heritage buildings, Penang has grown to be a cosmopolitan with an exceptional art scene and independent cultural festivals; all fed by this port-state’s rich history and kaleidoscope of cultures.

Lounging at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel

Meet fashion savant, Melissa Yang; emerging fashion ‘IT’ blogger on the meteoric rise. Her Instafeed is sure to make you suffer from the travel bug and leave you day dreaming about arresting sunsets, white sand beaches and azure blue waters. Who better to take BAZAAR around Penang than Melissa, herself? Step into her world.

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