Christmas Gift Guide 2023: CASETiFY Covers for Gadget Lovers

Elevate your device and style with CASETiFY. From BTS to Naruto, Rebel Moon and Louvre, here are the best picks of 2023.

Introducing the ‘Best Picks of CASETiFY 2023’ – where style meets protection! As a household name, CASETiFY has earned its reputation for crafting aesthetic phone covers that not only showcase your personality but also provide unparalleled protection for your devices. No longer will you need to fear the dreaded drop, as CASETiFY’s innovative designs ensure your phone stays safeguarded in style.

With a vast array of designs that cater to every personality and preference, CASETiFY has truly mastered the art of blending individuality with utility. In this exclusive guide, we bring you the crème de la crème of CASETiFY’s 2023 collection. From trendy to classic and sophisticated, discover the top CASETiFY covers that are set to redefine your smartphone in style this year. Here are the Best Picks of CASETiFY 2023!

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The all new Black and White Case

Maison Kitsuné

Presenting its inaugural collaboration with Maison Kitsuné, CASETiFY unveils a collection that seamlessly weaves together the cultural vibes of Paris and Tokyo. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive colours and graphics synonymous with Maison Kitsuné’s fashion and accessories, this collaboration encapsulates the brand’s essence, delivering a playful touch to your device. Ideal for infusing a touch of colour and personality, the Maison Kitsuné x CASETiFY collection is a perfect expression of style. Discover the full collection here.


Attention ARMYs! Brace yourselves as the electrifying collaboration between BTS and CASETiFY is back! Immerse yourself in the pulsating beats of every BTS hits with the latest collection that brings their beloved tracks to life. Gear up, get “ARMed,” and prepare to be swept away by this sensational HIT collection! Discover the full collection here.

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Narutoproduct image

The CASETiFY x NARUTO collection introduces a new era of gear, catering to Urban Ninjas who are seeking lighter, faster, and stronger essentials. This collaborative fusion seamlessly blends urban aesthetics with NARUTO’s iconic motifs and characters. Discover the full collection here.

*Note: The Akatsuki Cloud Collectible AirPods Case is set to launch around January 2024. Join the waitlist to stay updated and secure your unique piece from this extraordinary collaboration. 

Rebel Moon

product image

Are you a huge fan of Rebel Moon? Well, you’re in luck. Ignite the cosmos with the electrifying Rebel Moon collection! Take a bold stance and declare your allegiance as you plunge headfirst into the thrilling clash between the Rebels and the Imperium in this epic sci-fantasy series. Discover the full collection here.

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Drawing inspiration from the profound global impact and cultural resonance of the Louvre, the latest collaboration between Louvre and CASETiFY presents a contemporary interpretation of the world’s most revered artworks. Embark on a refined journey through the museum’s galleries with this collection. Discover the full collection here.

Matin Kim

Drawing inspiration from Matin Kim’s minimalist and deconstructive aesthetics, elevate your daily “outfit of the day (OOTD)” with a phone case that strikes the balance between protection and understated style. Discover the full collection here.


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