Apple Fitness+ Introduces New Rowing Collection

One of the world’s best workouts for total-body training.

Words by Farrah Darma

@joshcrosbyfitness / Instagram

Whether you’re working from a desk all day and looking for an exercise to open up your body, or if you’re interested in a low-impact, non-weight bearing exercise to increase flexibility – rowing is known as one of the world’s best workouts for total-body training. Appreciating this, Fitness+ introduces their latest Rowing Collection, ‘Train to Row a Fast 2000 Meters.’

The Rowing workouts in Fitness+ are led by trainers Bakari Williams, Anja Garcia and rowing world champion, Josh Crosby. Josh is a third-generation rower who rowed with the U.S. National Rowing Team and has inspired people around the world to fall in love with the sport. He was also an Ironman World Championship competitor and a pro ultra-endurance athlete.


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With this new Collection on Fitness+, users can challenge themselves to improve speed and power as they race to that 2000-meter finish line (the distance of a standard rowing race). The Collection features a mix of shorter and longer intervals, so you can get the most out of every stroke across a variety of 10- to 20-minute workouts.

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A pro-tip: Start by doing one of the 10-minute workouts in the “Get in the Boat” section every other day. Then, you can work up to one of the 20-minute workouts every other day in “Find Your Rhythm.” When you’re ready, go for your own personal best as you aim to row 2000 meters in the Race Day workout.

Collections on Fitness+ are a curated series of workouts and meditations from the Fitness+ library organized to help users reach a goal. Other available Collections include 30-Day Core Challenge, Improve Your Posture with Pilates, Perfect Your Yoga Balance Poses, Run Your First 5K, Strengthen and Stretch Your Back and Hips, and Wind Down for a Better Bedtime.

Source: Apple Fitness+