Unveiling the Next Chapter: Jackson Wang Stars in Louis Vuitton’s ‘Horizons Never End’ Travel Campaign

Jackson Wang joins Lionel Messi in the next chapter of Louis Vuitton’s ‘Horizons Never End’ travel campaign.

Enter the world of timeless luxury as Louis Vuitton unveils the next chapter of its prestigious ‘Horizons Never End’ travel campaign. Stealing the spotlight is the multifaceted Chinese singer and producer Jackson Wang. Follow him as he embodies the essence of adventure while showcasing the realms of travel and style. In this captivating campaign, Jackson Wang overlooks the Parisian skyline to showcase the extraordinary Horizon luggage collection, which was meticulously crafted by the visionary designer Marc Newson

Since his artistic alliance with Louis Vuitton in 2014, the renowned visionary has redefined the essence of luxurious travel. His inaugural collaboration, showcased in the illustrious ‘Celebrating Monogram’ collection, unveiled a strikingly contemporary backpack that exuded vibrance through the kaleidoscope of captivating hues. Embracing the concept of innovation, Marc Newson continues to grace the world of travel with his unparalleled creativity, bringing forth remarkable creations, including the ultra-lightweight Horizon Soft rolling luggage in thermoformed knit in 2019 and an elegant modernisation of the Pégase suitcase, in 2022. With each collaboration, Marc Newson elevates Louis Vuitton’s travel essentials to extraordinary heights, effortlessly harmonising artistic prowess with unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Making its debut in 2016, the now-iconic Horizon collection represents a significant milestone in the Maison’s esteemed luggage lineage. It is known for its ingenious design, exceptional durability, and superior functionality. The ultra-lightweight cases feature a moulded mesh composite adorned with the specially developed Monogram or Damier canvas. While the highly manoeuvrable exterior trolley system is equipped with silent miniature wheels, offering effortless 360° directionality. Inside, the generous flat-bottomed interior optimises packing space and ensures a seamless travel experience.

The next chapter of ‘Horizons Never End,’ starring Jackson Wang is now available across all social channels and print titles. Join him and get going on your next adventure.