Up, Close and Personal with Jamie Dornan on His Role in Netflix’s ‘Heart of Stone’

Jamie Dornan shares about his time and energy on the set of Netflix’s Heart of Stone.

Jamie Dornan Heart of Stone

Renowned for his seductive roles as Christian Grey in “50 Shades of Grey” and The Man in “The Tourist,” Jamie Dornan is no stranger to the big screen. The Irish actor has already captured hearts with his undeniably charming and handsome charisma. Named as one of Ireland’s greatest film actors by the Irish Times, the actor returns once again as Parker in Netflix’s latest hit action film, “The Heart of Stone.” We get the chance to speak to the action star about his experience while shooting the highly anticipated film alongside Gal Gadot and Alia Bhatt.

While on Set…

Jamie Dornan Heart of Stone

In the film, you play Parker. Did you feel related to him in any way?

Yeah. Parker’s very driven, I would say, and I think I’ve always had a sort of a ‘sleepy driven’. Like, I’ve never wanted to admit that I’m driven even though I am. So I liked that he was very open about that from the very beginning, and by the end, I sort of owned it. It’s something I’ve been working on, wishing that I could own that drive or confidence even more. But if you come from where I come from, you’re not really allowed to show your confidence – let’s say because you’re Irish. But yeah, I admire that and sort of relate to that.

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Were there any challenges?

Yeah, to be honest with you, the whole thing was a challenge. It was very clear from the script that it was an ambitious project, and it was big scale.

Why did you want to be involved in the film?

This role was a very big departure for me in terms of the stuff that I have previously done. I’ve never done anything in this genre before. I think that’s one of the luxuries of being an actor who has a choice over what he does, which I don’t take lightly in. I had an eye on this genre for a while, and this came with lots of very enticing aspects to it!

Jamie Dornan Heart of Stone

Was there anything you learned about yourself while on set?

When it came to the fighting scenes, I did a lot of close combat fighting sequences where I definitely adapted a new skill. Throughout the process, I learned that it’s something I really enjoy doing, and that made me want to do it more. Especially when I feel like I am physically able and young enough to do so.

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What was it like working with Tom Harper?

Tom’s brilliant. He’s like the ‘Duracell bunny’. He’s got so much energy, and it’s massively infectious. We just had so much fun doing this genuinely, and it all stems from Tom.

Heart of Stone – What is it about?

A fan of action movies and plot twists? The Heart of Stone is perfect for you.


Featuring Gal Gadot, Alia Bhatt, and Jamie Dornan, the film centres around Rachel Stone, an undercover agent who hurries to foil a hacker’s plot to steal a highly coveted and dangerous weapon. Despite her colleagues regarding her as the least experienced agent, little do they know that this double agent is actually the most seasoned and cunning in the field.

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Five reasons you should watch the Heart of Stone:

1. It is No.1 on Netflix at the moment!

2. Unlike most spy action thrillers, Heart of Stone pictures a leading woman as its main star.

3. It marked Alia Bhatt’s grand Hollywood debut, sharing her name with Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan.

4. It is filled with plot twists!

5. It depicts the future of AI in the real world and insane epic action scenes!

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