7 Korean Fashion Brands To Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

Each brand exudes a well-defined style that blends classic elements with modern fashion.

Korean Fashion Brands

Hallyu fashion is taking the fashion world by storm. The Korean fashion culture has increased in popularity thanks to its perfect mix of quality yet minimalistic statement pieces. Undeniably, some Korean fashion brands – from street style to upscale luxury capsules – have won the attention of the international fashion community. Each seasonal collection never fails to impress with its unique mix of materials and unusual silhouette that sets it apart from the rest.

Before jumping into the Men’s Spring/Summer Fashion Week in Milan and Paris, we’ve outlined the hottest Korean labels for the season. These Korean fashion brands are defined by their avant-garde styles, leisurely designs, and diversity. They blend understated sophistication with contemporary nostalgia to create a timeless fashion across their eclectic range of products. Now, if you’re looking for faddish pieces to add to your wardrobe, here are the best Korean fashion brands that should be on your radar.

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The Best Korean Fashion Brands You Should Get in 2023


Owned by K-Pop star and fashion icon G-Dragon, PEACEMINUSONE produces a series of apparel – from jackets and tees to footwear – which became a cult favourite. Since its launch in October 2016 as a streetwear brand, PEACEMINUSONE has worked with several fashion labels to unveil limited-edition collections and deliver surprise drops.

Its tenth drop features heavyweight cotton and an oversized fit adorned with patches and embroidery. Additionally, the combination of embroidered and screen-printed graphics in its latest drop also adds a textured look to its loungewear and satin pyjamas range.


Seoul-based brand We11done is your go-to destination for trendy and stylish designer fashion. The brand offers exclusive, limited-release collections of sought-after styles for both men and women. Founded by Dami Kwon (G-Dragon’s sister) and Korean-American singer-songwriter Jessica Jung, We11done offers a wide range of clothing and accessories that redefine contemporary notions of luxury.

We11done debuted with a collection of athleisure and streetwear-inspired styles. Its merging of the late ’90s and early 2000s aesthetics creates modern reinterpretations of bygone forms. Functional, sportive, and sleek, We11done’s versatile designs levy refined classic elements into contemporary lifestyle pieces.

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Drawing inspiration from Korean and Scandinavian culture, the clothing label Andersson Bell launched in 2014 and was founded by designer Dohun Kim. 

To create a distinct vision of modern dressing, Kim reinterprets and combines two very different traits to deliver a distinctive aesthetic and perspective. Particularly known for its colourful knitwear and intentional approach, Andersson Bell has pieces for every personality with sophisticated patterns and unique textiles. 

ADER error

ADER Error is a unisex streetwear label focusing on the unique fusion of retro and future influences. The brand is known for its vibrant colourways and oversized fits. ADER Error has also collaborated with other labels, such as Puma and G-SHOCK, to create a series of notable collections delivering fresh and exclusive designs.

Signature oversized t-shirts, baggy hoodies, track pants, overcoats, and roomy-fit beanies are some of the distinguished pieces that achieve popularity. With a distinctive fusion of clean-lined minimalism and youthful irreverence, ADER error reimagines everyday garments in novel and unexpected ways.


Solid Homme stands at the forefront of luxury contemporary fashion, focalized on delivering aesthetically immediate menswear since its 1988 inception. Led by designer Youngmi Woo, the Korean label fleshes out a distinct sense of identity through slouchy silhouettes and thoughtfully-layered looks.

Its free-form adaptability of men’s outfitting effectively blurs the line between understated everyday wear and sophisticated evening wear. The brand answers the call of the modern urbanite by creating street-ready wardrobe essentials that effortlessly fuse sophisticated design with casualwear.


Established in 2011, Korean-based Eastlogue reinterprets clothing from all over the world to tell a story of their own. Designer Lee Dong-Ki takes inspiration from utilitarian and vintage aesthetics, ultimately forming timeless yet street-ready collections.

Outdoor attires and sportswear garments are reimagined to create timeless modern classics fabricated in premium materials with extraordinary attention to detail. Eastlogue has a big following in their home country and a rapidly growing international reputation.


Launched in 2008, VIVASTUDIO presents a variety of casual items while maintaining its unique speciality through a silhouette that fits well. VIVASTUDIO has unveiled a collection like no other, from workwear and menswear staples to garments inspired by hot air balloons and modern skatewear.

This summer, Creative Director Youngmin Lee’s latest 23 H/S Collection Silent Roar will be the likes this season with its natural detail and ventilation.