Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Get on the Flip Side with The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 available in Malaysia from 18 August 2023 onwards. Pre-order here!

Unleash the excitement with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip5, the fifth generation of Galaxy foldables that redefined the smartphone experience. This pocket-sized device is not just a phone but the ultimate tool to express yourself with limitless customisation options and powerful performance. With the new Flex Hinge and extraordinary camera capabilities like FlexCam, capturing creative moments will become effortless. Seamlessly combining aesthetics and functionality, the Galaxy Z Flip5 is a game-changer with its unrivalled foldable design and cutting-edge features, making every moment extraordinary.

Here what’s new about The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5:

The New Flex Window: The largest Cover Screen on a Galaxy Z Flip yet

Samsung’s latest innovation, the Galaxy Z Flip5, boasts a significantly larger flex window, measuring 3.78 times bigger than its predecessor, the Galaxy Z Flip4. This enhanced size opens up a new world of possibilities and a myriad of existing as well as fresh features.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

The device’s customisation options are a standout feature – empowering users to tailor their experience to their liking. Informative and eye-catching graphical clocks can be selected to perfectly complement the user’s Galaxy Watch6 series face design. On top of that, the Galaxy Z Flip5 introduces stylish frames, adding a touch of personalisation to the device’s appearance and comes with a changeable NFC card for added convenience.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Even when it’s closed, users can easily view and switch between various useful information by simply pinching the screen, and activating the Multi Widget View feature. Surprisingly, there’s no need to unfold the device to perform essential tasks. Users can now browse through their call history, return missed calls, and reply to texts on the go using the Quick Reply feature, complete with a full QWERTY keyboard and visibility of chat history. When shopping, the Galaxy Z Flip5 allows quick access to Samsung Wallet for convenient on-the-go payments, and users can also check notifications and manage Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings. This seamless experience truly sets the Galaxy Z Flip5 apart, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency.

Flex Window and Dual Preview

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Pushing the boundaries of smartphone photography, the Galaxy Z Flip5 offers the most versatile camera experience on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. With the larger Flex Window, high-quality selfies are at your fingertips, while FlexCam grants you the power to capture stunning hands-free photos from unique angles. Redefining the art of capturing moments, Flex Mode lets you effortlessly view and edit shots, making every moment unforgettable. Dual Preview takes creativity to the next level, allowing your subjects to see themselves in the Flex Window for real-time adjustments, ensuring perfection with every click.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Whether you’re on the move or with a group of friends, stay steady with Super Steady, and never leave anyone out of the frame with Auto Framing. Infused with AI, the Galaxy Z Flip5 breathes life into your photos, optimising them even in low light through improved Nightography capabilities. Its AI-powered ISP algorithm works wonders – eliminating visual noise while enhancing details and colour tone – revealing the true beauty of your shots. Even from a distance, the digital 10X zoom guarantees crystal-clear images, enabling you to capture every detail, no matter how far away.

All while Delivering a positive impact for the planet

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Embracing a heartfelt commitment to our planet, Samsung continues to make strides towards its environmental vision, leaving a positive impact for generations to come. With a dedicated focus on sustainability, the company aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions for the Device eXperience Division by the year 2030, demonstrating its genuine dedication to a greener future.

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In the spirit of eco-consciousness, the Galaxy Z Flip5 radiates warmth by incorporating a diverse array of recycled materials, surpassing their predecessors in their sustainable design. As a testament to their thoughtful craftsmanship, Samsung also ensures that each device is purposefully designed for optimised longevity, kindling a sense of trust and assurance in their commitment to reducing electronic waste. With five years of security updates and four generations of OS upgrades, the Galaxy Z Flip5 are emblematic of Samsung’s desire to extend the product lifecycle, nurturing a lasting bond between user and device.

Through their endeavours to protect and preserve our planet, Samsung’s journey exemplifies a beautiful harmony between innovation and environmental consciousness, creating a brighter and more sustainable world that we can all cherish.

Pre-order your Galaxy Z Flip5 from RM4,499 on 26 July until 17 August 2023 here. To learn more about Galaxy Z Flip5, visit here.