TikTok Trendsetters: Top Malaysian Creators Who Are Shaping the Latest Trends

Top TikTok Creators in Malaysia you need to know to stay in trend.

From its inception, TikTok has captivated users worldwide with its blend of creativity, humour, and sheer entertainment value. Especially revered among Gen Z, this platform has revolutionised how we connect and consume content. With personalised feeds, catchy sounds, and viral trends, TikTok has become a platform ground for new stars and sensations.

From the charismatic Azfar Heri to the fashionable Amelia Henderson, these trailblazers epitomise the diverse and dynamic landscape of Malaysian TikTok, inspiring millions with their talent, authenticity, and unbridled creativity. Let’s explore the top TikTok users you need to follow to stay up to date in Malaysia’s fashion industry.

Amelia Henderson


This talented Malaysian actress, host, and model has captured the hearts of TikTok viewers with her engaging content. From flaunting her latest outfits of the day (OOTDs) to introducing her recent guests on her podcast ‘Studio Sembang,’ her TikTok feed offers fascinating insights into her life which her fans eagerly wait for every day.

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Azfar Heri


Azfar Heri, a TikTok sensation, captivates audiences with his unique blend of humour, creativity, and relatability. Through comedy and engaging storytelling, his TikTok content spans a wide range of topics, from hilarious skits and lip-sync performances to insightful commentary on everyday life, which captivates and is relatable to many viewers.

Imran Bard


Imran Bard’s charismatic persona and engaging storytelling have solidified his position as a beloved creator within the TikTok community. Continually delighting fans with his infectious energy and relatable humour, he has a keen eye for trends and an innate ability to connect with viewers. Whether it’s about cooking or simply about his daily life, he effortlessly resonates with audiences of all ages.



Carving out a niche for himself in the realm of fashion and lifestyle content, KLCC Boy mainly focuses on the latest pieces from various collections and handbags. With an eye for luxury and an impeccable sense of style, KLCC Boy offers his audience a glimpse into the world of high-end fashion through his captivating TikTok videos. From showcasing the latest designer handbag releases to providing styling tips and insider knowledge, he seamlessly blends entertainment with education, captivating viewers with his passion for luxury accessories.

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Sam Wong


Curious about what the people of Kuala Lumpur are wearing? Meet Sam Wong, your guide to the stylish outfits and trends in the city. Through his TikTok, he showcases the diverse fashion choices of KL residents. From streetwear to couture, find out what the people of our city wear, where they get their daily outfits and how much their whole look is. Through his engaging content, he not only celebrates the diversity of people in KL but also fosters a sense of community among fashion enthusiasts, sparking conversations and connections.

Joe Shiang


This minimalist fashion influencer offers a refreshing take on style with his understated yet impactful content. Through his feed, he shares his personal OOTDs and day-to-day life. Nevertheless, what sets him apart is his valuable styling tips tailored specifically for Asian men. His approach to fashion is characterised by simplicity and elegance, resonating with audiences seeking refined and versatile looks.

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