Get Boxing with Mark Choo

From exercise to food, discover how Mark Choo is paving the way in the health and fitness industry in Malaysia.

Mark Choo founder of Tribe Boxing Studio.

Health and Fitness has always been a part of Mark Choo’s life. Coming from humble beginnings, this entrepreneur opted early on to forge his own path by choosing to specialise in business as an undergraduate. When the time came to develop his own brand, Mark was adamant on putting into practice his belief of what makes a company successful: Carefully listening to and understanding what the customers really want.

From developing a health tech start-up that focused on telemedicine in 2015, before moving on to boutique gyms throughout 2017, Mark further stamped his mark in the health and fitness industry through the development of a parallel business focusing on nutrition in 2020,  by launching his Shake Smoothie Bar. Mark has always been in the business of providing a healthier and more positive lifestyle to those around him, ably identifying the gaps in the market in order to address the very heart of his customers’ needs.

Tribe also caters to private events, private classes and outdoor group activities with their qualified passionate trainers.

Along the same line of bridging the gap between fitness and fun, Tribe Boxing studio was founded by both Mark Choo and his business partner Christian Lee in 2018. This form of rhythmic boxing is where attendees are able to get a total body workout and punch to the beat in a neon-lit room, known as the ‘rave cave’, within a surround-sound music system which heightens their senses and exhilarates the group. Whether you are a beginner or a professional boxer, all fitness levels are welcomed with custom and personally made programmes and tracks curated by their highly qualified and passionate instructors.

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It’s a knock-out

Tribe started out as a platform for fitness junkies who genuinely wanted a fulfilling workout in a comfortable environment surrounded by a welcoming community. Together this community strives for a positive change and celebrates diversity creating a welcoming environment for people to make a positive change in their lives.  Here, At each and every individual has a place and are welcomed with open arms. With the value of community at the centre at its core, gymgoers feel like they are a part of the TRIBE.

“I want my customers to feel like the studio is their second home the minute they step into it. Whether they are looking to relieve some stress or finding a space to feel appreciated and empowered, Tribe Boxing Studio is the place for you.” – Mark Choo

The Tribe community.

If you’re looking to start a business, this businessman believes that the key is to talk to as many people as you can and do your part to research. A company must value customer-centricity and give the best customer experience especially in this increasingly-saturated fitness industry.

“Tell people your ideas, doing so does two things: Firstly, it allows you to have a sense of validation. People need to validate that their new ideas to ensure that there is a demand of their potential business. Secondly, sharing your ideas to those around you keeps you accountable. If you tell someone you are starting a new initiative, it ensures that you will start as the next time you speak to them, they may mention it. This will motivate you to begin.”

It’s important to be determined, hungry and have a vision. In order to to successful put the customer at the core of the business.

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Whether you are a professional boxer or first time gym -goer, book your class here.