10 Things BAZAAR Loves: May 2019

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Perfect silhouettes with Sothys Pro Youth Body Serum

Even if shaving off centimetres off the waist, arms, and thighs is not an issue, a toned and healthy body is hard to come by. With cloth friction, weather change, pollution, hard water, and so many more external stressors, it can be hard to keep body in tip top condition. Get the boost you need for your body ritual with Sothys’ latest offering, the Pro Youth Body Serum. A dense cream that feels ultra soft on the skin and absorbs almost instantly for a smooth satin finish, the melt-in formula boosts collagen production, protects skin’s surface and revitalises skin. Combining known fighters like primrose oil, sacred lotus extract, vitamin complex, and more, the serum’s grapefruit scent makes the daily application a smooth treat. Apply in upward strokes over the entire body, including the décolleté and arms for smooth and visibly re-densified skin.

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Available exclusively at all Sothys salons nationwide.

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