5 Under-Eye Patches and Masks to Try Now


A wake-up call for the eyes, these quick treatments promise to instantly revitalise and rescue tired eyes. The extended lockdown has definitely taken a toll on our sleep schedule and stress levels—and unfortunately it's the under eyes that are taking the brunt of the impact. Promising to revitalise and return the glow back to the skin, we're heavily relying on these eye masks and patches to rescue and repair.


From 10 minute quick fixes, to overnight rescue missions, here are our top picks for under eye masks and patches that'll have you looking like you've just had the best sleep of your life.

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Laneige Eye Sleeping Mask EX


This overnight healer works to rejuvenate and return the skin’s radiance whilst you sleep. Leave it on as your last step of your skin routine, and let its Eye Moisture Wrap technology do all the work. Their signature Sleep-Circular™ technology incorporates a series of circular massages and an invigorating blend of Caffeine, Vitamin P and enzymes to help brighten and depuff around the eyes.

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