6 of the Best Bergamot Fragrances


Bergamot is always synonymous with sultry and sexy in the world of perfumery—it’s charismatic profile is what makes it ideal for evening wear and plays perfectly into the occasion. Unlike your typical citrus-like scents, the bergamot orange is bolder, and more bodied—but thanks to its complex structure it also plays well with light and fresh fragrances too. 


More than just a spicy note, bergamot has also been found to possess aromatherapeutic benefits as well. A study done in 2017 published by Wiley’s Phytotherapy Research came to the conclusion that bergamot has stress and anxiety-relieving properties and improves your mental health and all around well-being. And with our current climate looking so fragile and uncertain, we will try just about any and every self-care method that could possibly help—even if it means giving ourselves hourly perfume showers of bergamot-heavy fragrances. 


First coming into fashion in the 16th century, today, we still observe its ever growing popularity—especially during this time of the year.  A subtle, enigmatic fragrance that has been highlighly regarded for its adaptability, we share some of the best new bergamot perfumes to invest in. 

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Tom Ford Private Blend Soleil Brûlant


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This new amber floral scent by Tom Ford fragrances encaptures sexy and vibrant sunshine with an intense freshness of mandarin and bergamot. Sunkissed citrus mingles with spices—giving way to an ornate and regal floral heart, while black honey and bergamot release a seductive vapor, melting into the burnished warmth of amber. 

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