Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Serum is Now #TestedForLife

Proven effective against the most extreme conditions, the Advanced Génifique serum is Lancôme’s most advanced skin repair serum to date. Transform skin quality from day one and restore youthful looking skin in seven days. The result of fifteen years’ worth of product research and two decades of study into the field of microbiome science has birthed an undeniable elixir that addresses the impacts of internal and external stressors causing premature signs of skin ageing.


This year, Lancôme goes further, subjecting the Advanced Génifique Serum to intensive tests to prove it is indeed #TestedForLife, no matter the gender, climate, or the lifestyle. With three separate tests conducted in all kinds of conditions across an entire year, the results are in and we’re not that surprised with the results. 


The Génifique passed with flying colours. Not only tested on women, but men too, they successfully found that the Advanced Génifique Serum transcends gender and is now truly proven for all. Also demonstrating its remarkable effectiveness in repairing the skin barrier function, even under challenging climatic conditions, you can trust the Genifique to come to your rescue no matter the aggressor. 



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Regardless of oily, dry or sensitive, the Génifique has truly been thoughtfully crafted for all. 


Putting it to our own little local test, we reached out to six friends of BAZAAR to share their own experience with the Advanced Génifique Serum. All with various backgrounds, different responsibilities and gender, lets hear why they too believe its truly # GénifiqueForAll 


Daiyan Trisha

Now #TestedForLife, the Advanced Génifique serum from Lancôme is something Daiyan Trisha now feels incomplete without. “It’s what I put on my skin to feel confident and comfortable whilst protecting my skin against any harsh aggressors”, says Daiyan.


Jestinna Kuan

“The hashtag #GénifiqueForAll speaks to the inclusivity and diversity that Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Serum represents”, says Jestinna.  She appreciates and embraces the idea that the Génifique is all about accepting beauty in all its forms and to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. 


Zhen Ning

For Ning, the hashtag #GénifiqueForAll means to truly be for everyone—no matter the gender, where they are from or their skin type. A confidence booster, he relies on the serum to bring out the best of his skin, ensuring he’s camera ready at all times. 


Nazreem Musa

“As an entrepreneur, content creator and model I usually struggle with getting enough sleep and just taking care of my overall health and skin” reveals Nazreem Musa.  Keeping to a good skincare routine is one of the ways he combats dull, tired skin. Turning to the Génifique Advanced serum and its exceptionally beneficial ingredients—It makes him feel confident and shielded.  


Sonya Danita

A long-standing fan of the Génifique, Sonya Danita genuinely loves how it makes her skin feel. “Lots of people tell me that I look a lot younger than my actual age—I would like to think that Génifique played a really big role in that”, Sonya shares. 


Yiu Lin

Balancing being a mum and entrepreneur, it’s no surprise that Yiu Lin’s schedule is nothing short of hectic. But she knows she can always turn to the Génifique Advanced serum to bring an instant burst of radiance to her face when she needs. “It’s my guilty pleasure. It’s a quick pick me up and I carry it in a little travel sized bottle with me everywhere I go”, reveals Yiu Lin.


The Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique Serum retails from RM365 and is available for purchase here!