Aesthetics Awards 2023: Best Age Rewinding Treatment


Best Age Rewinding Treatment: AsterSpring PhotoAgeing Reversal Therapy

The nearly perfect ball of plasma aka the sun, plays a very important role in the health of your skin—it can determine how quickly the skin ages. Despite our best efforts to mind SPF, treasuring sun-drenched days will always take a toll on your complexion. Whether you’re speckled, freckled, lighter or darker—the effects of sun damage look different on different people. Regardless of your skin type, when the sun’s rays hit the skin, there will be free-radical damage.


Being exposed to extreme climate changes can cause premature skin ageing known as PhotoAgeing. Research shows that 90 per cent of premature skin ageing symptoms are due to UV exposure. From visible fine lines and wrinkles to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, the effects of getting sun-kissed are endless. Thankfully, as the worlds of beauty and cutting-edge science become increasingly intertwined by the minute, there’s now an innovative facial treatment to revive and renew your skin.

AsterSpring’s PhotoAgeing Reversal Therapy is one of the best options to reverse signs of premature skin ageing. From skillfully extracting impurities to infusing powerful vitamins, and utilising LDM Ultrasound Technology to revive and deeply nourish the skin, this 70-minute treatment is the best in the business. This treatment helps to combat hyperpigmentation, balance and lighten your skin tone, and improve skin texture after one treatment.


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