BAZAAR Fragrance Awards 2018: Most Eternal Perfume


Nothing captures the scent of love quite like the eternally iconic Miss Dior. Enticing the olfactory since 1947, the perfume’s latest interpretation by François Demachy, perfumer-creator of Parfums Christian Dior, enhances its signature femininity with lively and exuberant notes of blood orange, mandarin, and pink peppercorn. A floral heart of honeyed Grasse and Damascus roses gently rounds off its vibrancy, coming together in an alluring aura that feels as delicate as love.

Dior Miss Dior EDP, RM625 (100ml)


When Demachy reimagined the classic fragrance, he knew to focus on the nuances. “The composition [had] to be exciting and stirring, somewhat wild and yet accessible,” said Demachy, who chose to eliminate any dark, earthy notes to let the floral brightness shine through. “It had to burst forth like love at first sight. A declaration of love to love!”


A whirlpool of emotions and a compendium of feelings, this vibrant scent is the perfect embodiment of the spirited Miss Dior woman who loves passionately, lives enthusiastically, and never fails to dance to her own tune. And you, what would you do for love?