BAZAAR Hair Awards 2018: Best Serum for Coloured Hair


Solid Gold
Preserving great hair colours after spending hours on the salon chair to achieve that perfect dimensional mix of highlights and lowlights is extremely vital. Made to preserve its vibrancy and intensity, the Yellow Color Care Leave-In Serum promises to seal in hues even after a month’s worth of washes. That’s perfect shade, on lock.

Natural Goodness
Made in Italy, Yellow Color Care’s secret to prolonging colour lies in the Tibetan goji berry, A superfood that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and proteins, its aids in delaying colours from oxidising while extending its luminosity for more than 41 percent after one treatment. Good for the body, better for the hair.

Ray of Light
Spend enough time out in the sun and you’ll start noticing some unpleasant changes to your hair. UV exposure may exacerbate the fading of hair colours, but this serum’s UV filter feature acts as a shield against external aggressors and harmful sun-rays, protecting you from further fade-outs.

Available at selected fine salons and Shins beauty stores nationwide.