BAZAAR Hair Awards 2018: Natasha Kraal’s Top Hair Picks

Natasha Kraal, BAZAAR's Editor-in-Chief

"As a creature of comfort, I've had the same style and colour for years. I was really up for a change!"


John Lloyd, art director, 176 Avenue

"With his full-body tattoos and biker-boy style, you couldn't imagine John as a great hairdresser for feminine styles. I've been going to him on-and-off for more than 10 years, and he's always well maintained my long bob and brunette tones. And so the French balayage and a choppy bob really refreshed my look, and has taken years off!" 176 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru. Tel: 03-2201 9906. 


Lebel Viege Scalp Treatment (Anti-Ageing)

"This 10-step scalp treatment was done entirely at the basin, first by gently shampooing out all scalp impurities, then applying an anti-ageing serum from Viege by Lebel. After a relaxing head massage, a scalp treatment containing nutrients and conditioners was applied, and two spray-in serums to repair and strengthen hair. Lastly, a hair supplement for moisture and elasticity that showed immediately." RM170 at Number76 Hair Salons nationwide.


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Balmain Paris Hair Couture Texturising Volume Spray, RM151

Sexy and voluminous hair can be created with this luxurious texturising volume spray from Balmain. In just a few minutes, limp hair will be transformed to be more defined with the help of ingredients such as silk protein and argan oil.

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