Bazaar Spa Awards Winner: Best Grooming Treatment for Mother-to-be

The environment at Strip at The Curve. Photography: Courtesy of Strip

Brazilian XXXX (All Off) with Hard Wax, RM120.50 for 30 minutes

Quick, painless hair removal is the order of the day at Strip, where hygiene, speed, and quality are of gold standards. The secret behind the salon’s slick service is its signature hard wax blend, which is formulated with titanium dioxide to effectively remove even the shortest of hairs while still being gentle on delicate skin.

As sticklers for hygiene, Strip prides itself on its no “double-dipping” policy by using a fresh wooden spatula for every dip in the wax pot to avoid cross-contamination. The required waxing tools—disposable latex gloves, disinfecting wipes, wooden spatulas—all come in pre-sealed packs for each individual, keeping things clean and safe.

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As if the swift removal and flawless finish weren’t enough reasons to book your next five appointments in advance, you’ll love the
post-wax care. After each treatment, Strip applies its award-winning Ice Cream to soothe redness and (Malin+Goetz) Ingrown Hair Cream to ward off pesky ingrown hairs, so you stay comfortably fuzz-free.

Available at Strip stores nationwide.