Bazaar Spa Awards Winner: Best Targeted Anti-Ageing Treatment

LPG Endermologie (By Zone), RM238 for 15 minutes

Put a spring back into slack skin the same way you keep your body toned: with a workout, but without all that sweat. This specialised facial treatment helps firm mature skin using LPG Endermologie, a non-invasive technology developed in France that does all the work while you unwind on the treatment bed.

AsterSpring’s Skin Fitness Formula slows down signs of ageing by reactivating fibroblasts responsible for producing collagen, which keeps skin looking youthful and plump. Using gentle suction and flapping actions on the skin’s surface, LPG Endermologie encourages the natural synthesis of these youth cells deep within the skin, toning it for a firmer, more lifted appearance, as well as self-hydration.

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Whether it’s dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead, or fine lines near the mouth, this innovation stands out for its ability to target specific trouble areas for speedy results. With 15-minute express sessions and 90-minute classic treatments available, experience complexion transformation as soon as after the first session.

Available at AsterSpring boutiques nationwide.