Beauty Awards 2022: Best Cleanser

Best Cleanser: Dior La Mousse Off/On Cleanser

Arguably one of the most pivotal steps of skincare, your cleanser is always the opening act and sets the tone for your entire routine. Investing in a good cleanser is a lot of the job done when achieving your best skin yet as it is in charge of removing all unwanted impurities, but also working to prep the skin for maximum penetration of the products to follow. 


Dior’s La Mousse Off/On Cleanser helms the crown of Best Cleanser thanks to its comforting foam and its ability to remove impurities with ease and without drying the skin. Its texture is a unique experience that starts as a dense cream before emulsifying into a rich, silky foam that glides over the face with ease. Our key to purified, clean skin, it dissolves any traces of make-up, sunscreen, excess oils and environmentally-caused debris—delivering the ‘Off’ properties of this cleanser. The ‘On’ aspect doubles as a treatment that maintains the skin’s hydration and barrier function as you wash your face. 

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Composed of 90% natural-origin ingredients, at the heart of this cleanser is Water Lily from Dior’s latest Latour-Marliac garden in Lot-et-Garonne and Cornflower Floral Water. Both coupling together to purify and soothe, the Water Lily extract is a natural detoxifier that powerfully rids the skin of pollutants and heavy metals. Micellae technology then joins to help trap unwanted residue still lingering on the skin, and leaving the complexion feeling soft, supple and perfectly clean. 


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