Beauty Awards 2022: Best Malaysian Cleanser

Best Malaysian Cleanser: Chuck’s Thank You Gentle Oat Cleanser


A few of us are always dwelling on finding the unsung hero of our beauty regime, but in our opinion, if you get cleansing wrong, then you won’t get skincare right. 


Powered by Australian colloidal oat, Chuck’s Thank You Gentle Oat Cleanser removes dirt, impurities and excess oil from your skin. The perfect solution for sensitive skin, the cleanser helps soothe, heal and hydrate all at once while still maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier. 



Rich in vitamins, minerals and fats, the oats help reduce skin inflammation while softening and soothing irritated skin. Your skin will be soft, supple and ready to take on the day within a matter of minutes, especially with the floral extracts also infused in the cleanser. 

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Another highlight of this cleanser is its contents of pH 5.5, which helps keep your skin healthy and perfectly balanced. The pH content will effectively work with your skin to help increase cell turnover rates, boost skin renewal and impart a healthy glow for your skin.


To learn more about the Chuck’s Gentle Oat Cleanser and to shop the product, click here!