Beauty Awards 2022: Best Pre Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

Best Pre Anti-Ageing Moisturiser: N°1 De Chanel Revitalizing Cream

Since its launch earlier this year, the N°1 De Chanel collection has taken the beauty space by storm. Successfully filling the void of a pre anti-ageing solution for the ladies looking to start their anti-ageing journey. 


Encapsulating the revitalising powers of the Red Camellia flower, the collection presses on prevention as compared to cure—addressing skin concerns such as wrinkles, pores, loss of elasticity and radiance before they become an issue. 


One of our highlight picks from the collection is their Revitalizing Cream. This moisturiser has a unique whipped texture that may seem a little thick at first glance, but once blended into the skin is incredibly lightweight and seeps into the face fairly quickly. 

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Rich in red camellia extract and oil, this cream consists of 95% of ingredients of natural origin. It works to soothe and return radiance to the skin, whilst helping to form a protective barrier against urban pollution too.


Another reason to love this product and the entire N°1 De Chanel collection is their heightened attention to sustainability. The Revitalizing Cream is the first of the collection to offer a separate refill that you can purchase, instead of buying an entire new jar. Utilising every single part of the Red Camellia flower, the cap of the moisturisers are made from the shell of the Camellia—minimising wastage of production and accentuating the holistic approach of the collection.


To learn more about the N°1 De Chanel The Revitalizing Cream and to shop the product, click here!

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