Beauty Awards 2022: Best Shower Gel

Best Shower Gel: L’Occitane Shea Butter Shower Cream

Showers might seem like a simple daily task, but they can be so much more than that. It’s an essential time to reset and recharge after a long day. So, with that in mind, what you use in the shower matters. Never underestimate the power of a superbly hydrating body wash because the best of them can leave your skin softer and healthier after a couple of uses.


Enriched with the nourishing hero – Shea Butter – the L’Occcitane’s Shea Butter Shower Cream is an aphrodisiac for your skin. It has a natural coconut foaming base and soy proteins that leaves your skin soft and supple, and far away from dehydration.


At the heart of it, L’Occitane have created a shower experience that will holistically soothe and clean the body. With its less is more approach, throw away worries of itchiness and dryness, and let the experience of moisturising, comforting, natural ingredients take over.



The best part of the shower cream is that it lathers properly, smells fantastic, and it gently cleanses the body while preserving its natural balance of the epidermis. Bonus points are that it’s gentle on dry, sensitive, and damaged skin.


Always putting importance on how their products impact the environment, the Shea Butter Shower Cream has also now been recognised by the Clean Charter. A label that certifies the use of more than 95% readily biodegradable ingredients (for rinse-off products) or more than 95% ingredients of natural origin, the Shea Butter Shower Cream has met these requirements and achieved the Clean Charter certified label—cementing their commitment to not only provide the best ingredients for you, but the planet too.


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