BAZAAR Beauty Awards Winner 2016: The Best Hydrating Facial Toner


Dr. LeWinn’s Essentials Refining Toner, RM155.54. Photography: Courtesy of TNS Skin Lab

Why BAZAAR loves it

Give your skin a refreshing pick-me-up and rebalance it to its peak condition with this soothing toner for dry-to-normal skin. Alcohol-free and infused with herbal ingredients, it removes residual make-up and excess oils—all without the tight feeling of when skin is over-stripped. Containing lemon and witch hazel extracts to clarify the complexion, this perfectly light liquid is the essential first step in your beauty regimen, prepping skin to fully absorb the goodness that will follow.

Did you know?

A natural astringent, witch hazel is a medicinal plant favoured for its ability to treat blemishes and refine pores. Its effectiveness on troubled areas is attributed to its high concentration of tannins, which fight bacteria naturally while mattifying the skin. This, coupled with hydrating aloe and vitamin B5, ensures your skin’s pH level is always balanced.

Available at TNS Skin Lab stores nationwide.

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