BAZAAR Spa Awards 2020: Best Malaysian Spa Resort

Tanjong Jara Resort, Terengganu, Malaysia

The resort grounds embrace the natural beauty of the island

The Calm

“Gong! reverberated the welcoming gong with an echo of calmness as we reached the pearly gates of Tanjong Jara Resort. As if on cue, our bodies immediately relaxes, exhaling the weight of worldly stresses. The sound of the rugged waves greeted us as it came crashing onto the beach. We were surrounded by coconut trees and hibiscuses nodding flirtatiously from the warm sea breeze which blew off the remnants of pollution from the East Coast Expressway drive. Even the smell of moist air accompanied with dark clouds didn’t dampen our mood in this exquisite sanctuary. A nostalgic feel arised in this cluster of intricately designed rooms. We were in a Malay village—the spacious wooden rooms are on stilts, a replica of traditional kampung style houses.”

Take a stroll in the balmy gardens of Tanjong Jara Resort


Leila Fitton takes some time off to be amongst the many greenery at Tanjong Jara Resort

A Royal treatment

“In the heart of the resort sits the beautiful Spa Village. Designed for couples, each treatment hut is named after a Malaysian flower. These private huts have a semi- outdoor amenity which brings you closer to nature and makes you feel more grounded. Besides the indoor and outdoor showers, the private spa treatment huts consist of an outdoor bath tub, big enough for a couple. Surrounded by plants, the view of trees and birds was relished here especially with the occasional eagle swooping by. Every hut has its own pedestal for the ritualistic Mandi Bunga which is the flower bath commencing every treatment no matter which you choose to indulge in.”

Feeling rejuvenated after a traditional beauty experience at Spa Village

Rooted with herbs

“The spa treatments, Panji Alam and Dandan Puteri Tujuh, are the royal therapies traditionally carried out by the Malays just before their wedding day. Urutan Gamelan for me, and Urutan Panglima for Sam, are deep tissue massages of long strokes with flower oil to increase blood circulation, detoxify, and rejuvenate the body and soul. The therapists are local healers, extremely experienced in traditional Malay massage, whose petite hands but strong strokes had us feeling thoroughly relaxed. We left recharged after the Bersiram milk bath infused with pandan, kaffir lime, and jasmine, in the semi-outdoor bath tub. Ubat Periok, a hot herbal tonic libation of ginger accompanied with dates, wrapped up the traditional experience, keeping us warm in the East monsoon storm.” – Leila Fitton

Batu 8, Off Jalan Dungun, Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia. Tel: +60 9 845 1100.