BAZAAR Beauty Awards Winner 2016: The Best Rejuvenating Cream


Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX, RM795. Photography; Courtesy of Sulwhasoo

Why BAZAAR loves it

It’s one thing to preserve a youthful complexion, but another to rejuvenate and restore the skin’s natural vitality. Good thing Sulwhasoo’s new generation cream is stellar at achieving both. Developed based on its in-depth ginseng research, the upgraded formula delivers a powerful dose of the medicinal herb’s revitalising properties deep into the skin, boosting its regeneration and defence systems from within. The result? Smoothened lines, facial contours that defy gravity, and perfectly hydrated skin that looks absolutely radiant.

Did you know?

“If eating ginseng is beneficial to health, how about applying it on the skin?” This very question led to the creation of ABC Ginseng Cream, the world’s first ginseng-based cosmetic product. It was the first milestone that Sulwhasoo achieved with its unprecedented research on ginseng as a cosmetic ingredient. The unwavering commitment and passion for ginseng led to the creation of Ginsenomics, which embodies Sulwhasoo’s ginseng research.

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Available at Sulwhasoo counters nationwide.

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