Breaking The Stigma of Dermal Fillers


With Anna on the squirmish side at the mention of injections, we too have wondered just how painful these dermal fillers can be. The saying ‘beauty is pain’, is coined for a reason—but in the case of Juvéderm®  injectables, they have done a master job at minimising discomfort. Incorporating anesthetics into their dermal fillers, it works to reduce any experienced pain during the injection and after administration too1. With pain tolerance varying from person to person, just trust that  Juvéderm® have done everything that they can to make the experience as painless as possible.


Addressing the concern of any side effects— hyaluronic acid fillers are well tolerated by the majority2-3. Swelling and redness at the treatment sight may occur2-3, but reactions differ. Jasmine’s tip is to always do your research! Be sure to consult your doctors and let them know of your specific aesthetic goals to achieve an outcome that you will love.


Jasmine, Anna and Natasha also touch on the stigma revolving fillers. And their answer is—’to each their own!’ Whether or not you wish to get fillers is completely up to you and you shouldn’t feel any weight of shame. Juvéderm® is our trusted option with dermal fillers that are non-invasive and can shape your features—and as Natasha says in the video, ‘yes, why not!’ 


Recap of some of the most important dermal filler statistics and how to maintain your triangle of youth in our first installment of this series by watching here. Then continue on with Jasmine, Anna and Natasha as they explore the magic of dermal fillers and what exactly can they enhance in the second part of this series


Juvéderm® have a whole catalogue of various dermal fillers—find out which ones will achieve your exact facial aesthetic goals by learning more on their website 



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