Carolina Herrera Launches New Good Girl Blush Eau de Parfum

The Good Girl family has a new member and she is floral, feminine and romantic—Introducing the new Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush. 


With Carolina Herrera always striving to celebrate the duality of the modern woman, it came as no surprise when she decided to expand the beloved Good Girl collection. A wardrobe of stunning and uplifting scents, the range spans from the classic Good Girl and to the intensely seductive Good Girl Suprême—just to name a few. 


Wanting to make sure there was a Good Girl for every kind of woman, Carolina Herrera now introduces her sixth addition to the family—the Good Girl Blush. The Blush comes across as the most feminine out of the entire collection. Mirroring the bright, sweet pink hue of the heel, expect a bouquet of soft, powdery vanilla, romantic peony and vibrant ylang ylang. 

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Athisha khan, Shalma Ainaa and Ramona Zamzam


For this new edition, perfumer Quentin Bisch worked with Shyamala Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud to birth the Blush. Their main source of inspiration being the iconic Good Girl stiletto bottle itself. “It instantly brought to mind the Vanilla bean. The heel is the strength of the shoe, and I imagined the Vanilla as the strength of the fragrance” explains Bisch. 


What amplifies the foundation of the Good Girl Blush compared to its predecessors is that the House utilised the same ingredients found in the original but used different extractions instead. 


This allowed them to create a sunny explosion of fragrance by contrasting ingredients with each other, but also finding a way of creating complementary notes within each ingredient. “We were already working with the gourmand side of vanilla in previous incarnations of Good Girl, so using an additional powdery extraction was the ideal way of articulating a blush,” says Bisch.

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Exclusive Pop-Up Launch at KLCC 


Carolina Herrera launched their new Good Girl Blush in style with an intimate pop-up at Suria KLCC. Joined by the likes of Shalma Ainaa, Athisha Khan and Ramona Zamzam, here are their personal thoughts on the new, fun, flirty fragrance.


You’ll be able to shop the new Carolina Herrera Good Girl Blush at Sephora, as well as key leading department stores.