Chanel’s First Skincare for Sensitive Skin: La Solution 10 de Chanel


Chanel’s first comforting moisturiser, specially formulated for sensitive skin types

Lying in the heart of Chanel’s first skincare for sensitive skin is one of the rarest and most precious ingredient: the Silver Needle white tea. Expect your skin to be nurtured back to a more resilient and less reactive state in one months’ time* as the Silver Needle tea extract offers triple times the protection in soothing, destressing, and defending the skin against aggressors like pollution.

Recommended for women with naturally sensitive or temporarily sensitive skin, it works as a daily moisturiser or a special treatment to restore comfort, relief and protection to the skin.


Rich in theanine and polyphenols, the Silver Needle white tea soothes, destresse,s and defends sensitive skin

*This consumer test was conducted for more than a month on 72 women who live in a highly polluted environment and claim they have sensitive skin caused by pollution.