Achieve Radiant White Teeth with Colgate’s New Purple Colour Toothpaste

Colgate Purple Toothpaste


In a world where we are exposed to countless beauty hacks when it comes to make-up and skincare, one factor tends to get overlooked—and that’s our smile. A smile will always reign supreme as the ultimate accessory, but sometimes we may even take it for granted. Well, bettering and brightening your smile has gotten all the more easier with Colgate’s latest whitening toothpaste. Letting us in on the ultimate smile hack, their latest Optic White Purple whitening toothpaste is a game changer and will have you not only looking, but feeling your best too. 


Enter the myriad of whitening toothpastes adorning the market, promising dazzling results. Amongst this sea of choices, the new Colgate Optic White Purple emerges as our latest pick, captivating with its innovative formula.  With toothpaste being a pivotal step in any beauty routine, this new striking purple toothpaste should be your next addition.


Colgate Purple Toothpaste

But Why Purple?

Colour theory, as any artist will tell you, revolves around the interaction of colours on the colour wheel. Complementary colours—those situated opposite each other on the wheel—have the remarkable ability to neutralise each other out when combined. Inspired by the colour theory wheel, Colgate Optic White Purple leverages the power of complementary colours to colour-correct yellow tones in teeth.


Drawing inspiration from the world of beauty, where purple shampoos and make-up correctors work their magic to neutralise unwanted tones, Colgate Optic White Purple introduces a first-of-its-kind purple-coloured paste to our shores. Its vibrant indigo hue isn’t just for show—it can instantly colour-correct yellow tones, a true and new beauty hack to shine in any moment. 


The paste lathers into a rich, vibrant purple foam, offering a sensorial journey that engages the senses and elevates the mundane task of brushing into an exciting ritual with its blend of fresh mint and hint of sweetness. 


Colgate Purple Toothpaste


Apart from its unique purple hue, the formula also attests its whitening abilities to the High Clean Silica and Core Shell Silica found in its formula to help remove surface stains for teeth whitening efficacy. And fret not as this formula is also enamel safe for daily whitening too. It’s a beauty hack like no other, offering a simple yet powerful way to shine from within and exude confidence with every smile.


So, while good fashion sense and the perfect hairstyle certainly have their place, never underestimate the core essence of your being: your smile. With Colgate Optic White Purple, you can harness the power of colour theory to unlock your smile’s true potential and shine in any moment 


Colgate Purple Beauty Hack Bus

Catch the Colgate Purple Beauty Hack Bus and start your journey to shine!

As part of the launch of Colgate Optic White Purple in Malaysia, Colgate is taking the Purple Beauty Hack Bus on the road to selected shopping malls and universities around Klang Valley all the way to Penang, from now to 26 May. Immerse yourself in the Colgate Optic White Purple journey to learn about the colour-correct technology, engage in interactive activities, try the product and show off your radiant smiles at the photo/video booth, as well as for the chance to take home surprise gifts.


Colgate Purple Beauty Hack Bus


To shop and learn more about the new Colgate Optic White Purple, head over to their website here, or find them on Shopee, Lazada and etailers Watsons and Guardian too.