Hair Awards 2023: Best Oily Scalp Home Treatment


Best Oily Scalp Home Treatment – Davines Rebalancing Cleansing Treatment

Those dealing with oily scalps and a dramatic overproduction of sebum at the scalp might want to turn to this at-home remedy by Davines. Their Rebalancing Cleansing Treatment has thoroughly impressed, offering a solution that effectively regulates sebum production, resulting in a healthy, oil-free scalp while preserving your hair’s gloss and shine.

A part of Davines’ Naturaltech collection, any item from this range is infused with three key pillars: intelligent technology, nature and the utmost respect for the planet. At the heart of this remarkable treatment lies a certified organic formula, enriched with polyphenols and flavonoids renowned for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ingredients like Ginger, Cinnamon, and Burnet extracts take centre stage, working synergistically to balance sebum production and promote overall scalp health.

Conducting their own clinical studies, Davines have confirmed its remarkable efficacy. The treatment showcases a significant 15% reduction in sebum overproduction after just 14 days, and an impressive 19% reduction after 28 days of use. Moreover, this treatment keeps your hair cleaner for an extended period without the often-feared rebound effect and is dermatologically tested for your peace of mind.


Apart from its effective formula, we really appreciate its convenient nozzle cap. Sometimes gauging how much treatment to use per application can be tough, especially if you’re scooping out product from a pot. But this sleek nozzle design allows you to apply the treatment directly onto the roots, allowing you to specifically see how much you need per section, minimising any sort of waste or overworking too much product into the scalp. Once applied on dry scalp, just leave in the treatment for about two to three minutes before adding water to emulsify the formula and then massage it through before rinsing off. 

In the battle against a greasy scalp, Davines Rebalancing Cleansing Treatment emerges as the ultimate victor, offering a holistic and effective solution that not only restores balance but also pampers your hair and scalp with natural ingredients. 

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