Spring/Summer 2016 Beauty Trends: Hair Legend

French bows, cherry-picked crowns, golden leaves, and Tudorian lace – this season’s hair accessories are an extravaganza of feminine charms.

Guido Palau gave a quirky twist to the chignon by leaving out little tail ends after wrapping up a French bow during the Lanvin show. He was also instrumental in the jovial touches of colourful scarves and cherry-bedazzled crowns the models donned at Dolce & Gabbana. Then, there was the “Courtney Love hair” he created for Marc Jacobs; with a bejewelled hair comb, no less. “It’s downtown,” he describes. Similarly, urban cool Saint Laurent girls could not resist princess crowns to round out the black and the tough leather. Metallic touches were rife, too. Lace and diamanté face accessories were offset with stainless steel Bauhaus-esque headbands at Givenchy; and at Gucci, models strutted down the runway with lace floral headbands and pins worthy of Anne Boleyn’s chambers of silk and glory.

Fruit looped crown at Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer '16

Fruit looped crown at Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer ’16

Anna Sui bbt S16 011

Forest fairy headbands at Anna Sui Spring/Summer ’16

Marras bbt S16 012

Lace and ethnic hairpieces at Antonio Marras Spring/Summer ’16

But we had to hand it to Rodarte, where Odile Gilbert took inspiration from American literary figure Nathaniel Hawthorne’s poetic beauties and gave models sumptuous locks adorned with patrician gold leaves and vintage barrettes.

Rodarte bbt S16 006

Gold vintage accessories at Rodarte Spring/Summer ’16

But what laid within the complete statement is the attitude and the sass. “You shouldn’t look at her and think, ‘Oh, the hair’s nice,’” says Paul Hanlon, hairstylist du jour. “You should look at her and think, she’s quite interesting.”