Harper’s BAZAAR Clinical Aesthetics 2018: JIA Clinic Botox and Fillers

Before & After

Gravity, fat loss, and sun damage will eventually take a toll on the face as we age. While serums and creams can help us to a certain extent with superficial lines for maintenance, deeper wrinkles require external help with natural-looking Botox and fillers.

Consider Botox and fillers, non-surgical alternatives that produce instantaneous results

Miracle Touch

Volume loss and a decrease in facial dimension are main concerns of ageing skin, but can be easily remedied with dermal fillers. Relatively quick and low risk, JIA Clinic uses hyaluronic acid to enhance facial contours, stave off fine lines and wrinkles, as well as improve the appearance of recessed scars. While slight swelling might occur initially, worldwide clinical trials have proven it to be safe, with results that can last anywhere between six to 18 months.

Tried & True

FDA-approved and featuring a 20-year safety record of use in millions of patients worldwide, Botox is the best-known injectable that promises to lift the face and relax wrinkle-causing muscles.
With visits that take up to 15 minutes per treatment and zero downtime, Botox makes for the perfect lunchtime procedure to rewind the clock on ageing skin, towards perfection.

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