Harper’s BAZAAR Clinical Aesthetics 2018: JIA Clinic Korean PDO Thread Lift

High Achiever

Gone are the days when cosmetic surgeries were considered taboo and required painful procedures. The latest advancements have made it possible for women to defy gravity with little risk and without a trace. Now, you can enhance your facial features with JIA Clinic’s minimally invasive Korean PDO Thread Lift, which slims and defines your jawline for a more refined V-shape.

Lift and enhance your facial features for a more beautiful you at JIA Clinic

Threading The Line

The breakthrough lies in the innovative use of high-tech polydioxanone (PDO) threads, popularly used in surgeries. “Made of safe, soluble material, multiple threads are twisted together for better durability and collagen regeneration properties, so that when inserted into varying depths of the skin, they grasp onto sagging areas and pull them into a tighter position,” says Dr Teh Jia Li, founder and aesthetic physician of JIA Clinic.
The highlight? This technique can also be used to target the usual suspects (here’s looking at you: underchin, jawline, and jowls),
giving them the youthful lift needed.

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Back to Nature

While you’re giving your skin a physical nudge, your body’s natural processes are hard at work, too. The inserted threads encourage cellular renewal and collagen production, allowing you to enjoy the rejuvenation effects months after the threads have dissolved. The result is a long-lasting, natural-looking lift, and a youthful outlook in the long run.

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