Harper’s BAZAAR Clinical Aesthetics 2018: The LifeStyle Clinic ThermiVa

Back to Basics

After going through childbirth and the effects of ageing, every woman wants to look and feel like her original self again. And while you can’t turn back time on physical changes, you can reverse its effects. ThermiVa, a treatment exclusively for women, helps to restore sexual health with the latest technology. Dr Alan Wong, aesthetic physician and founder of The LifeStyle Clinic, is the first to introduce Hollywood’s best-kept secret in Malaysia, offering women an empowering solution to improve their well-being.

A go-to treatment for many Hollywood celebrities, now available at The LifeStyle Clinic

Tighten Up

A non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment, ThermiVa utilises advanced radiofrequency technology to improve laxity and repair damage to the collagen fibres in the vagina and vulva area, which is often caused by excessive stretching and natural ageing. A state-of-the-art probe is used to deliver radiofrequency energy into the vagina, stimulating the growth of new collagen to provide tightening effects, rejuvenated aesthetics, and the return of sensual sensitivity.

Simple Pleasures

For optimal results, ThermiVa requires three sessions, each one a month apart. Adhering to his “ethical treatment” values, the ThermiVa administered at
Dr Wong’s clinic is clean, safe, and gentle, as the radiofrequency energy feels comfortably warm and soothing in the vaginal canal. After just one session, expect an increase in natural lubrication and tightness—plus a lot more fun in the bedroom.

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