Harper’s BAZAAR Clinical Aesthetics Awards 2018: JIA Clinic Thermage Eye

Fresh Views

The eyes tell a thousand tales, but your age shouldn’t be one of them. Set your sights on JIA Clinic’s Thermage Eye, a collagen-remodelling treatment powered by radiofrequency technology to nix crow’s feet and tighten lax skin. All it takes is just one 60-minute session to achieve visible results and reveal brighter, fresher eyes.

Treat fine lines under the eyes with this all-over enhancer

Inside Job

Designed to provide targeted results, JIA Clinic’s Thermage Eye is perfect for treating the delicate eye area. Transmitted through a handheld device, radiofrequency energy is used to heat the skin’s inner layer that consists of collagen and fat. This tightens the existing collagen while stimulating new growth, which helps decrease the hooding of eyelids and smooth away fine lines.

Easy On the Eyes

As far as cosmetic procedures go, this is as gentle as it gets. With no knives or syringes involved, you only need to put on a protective eye shield (worn like contact lenses) and a few drops of anaesthetic. There won’t be any bruises or swelling either, so you can swipe on eyeliner and show off your lifted lids as soon as you hop off the doctor’s operating table.

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