7 Ways to Maximise Your Mental Wellbeing When Stressed

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Stress and energy depletion are some of the biggest afflictions plaguing today’s 24/7 society, which is partly why successful model and AfN-accredited nutritionist, Sarah Ann Macklin, founded the Be Well Collective. Her wellbeing initiative works to support models throughout the stressful times of Fashion Week (and beyond), but its message of self-care and nutritional awareness applies to most of us living our breakneck lifestyles today.

At the launch of her Fashion Fix breakfast at W London, (an immunity-boosting, stress-reducing, protein-rich menu Macklin’s curated for all visitors – not just the fash pack), she hosted a panel on ways to maximise mental wellbeing.

Alongside experts Dr Nick Knight, a London-based GP; Howard Napper, TEDx speaker of The Art of Lifestyle Medicine’; and Jillian Lavender, founder of the London Meditation Centre, Macklin discussed the importance of nutrition, sleep, self-care and understanding anxiety during times of stress. Here are some stress management lessons we learnt from the event that will resonate with many.

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This article first appeared in Harper’s BAZAAR UK

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1. Prioritise nutrition

Maklin notes that nutrition impacts mental health massively and wants to emphasise the importance of nutritional awareness during stressful times when prioritising a healthy diet is often dismissed. Nourishing your body will not only give you energy but keep your mood stable and aid more restful sleep. It starts not with counting calories, but with looking at nutrient-rich ingredients while including all food groups. During stressful periods especially, go low on the refined sugars (tempting as they are at those times) and higher on Omega 3s. Not only good for the skin, but researchers have also found that cultures eating foods with high levels of omega-3s have lower levels of depression.

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