This Facial Will Make You Glow in a Heartbeat

Glowing skin awaits.

For those who are serious about their skincare regimen, a visit to the beauty specialist is always a good idea. Among the plethora of skincare options available, the most important advice given by therapists is that maintaining adequate hydration levels in your skin is crucial for achieving that healthy and radiant glow. Whether you are a bride-to-be or simply in need of some relaxation, you might want to try Medi Beaute’s Aqua BBSkin Facial.

Everything you need to know about Medi Beaute’s Aqua BBSkin Facial

Suitable for all skin types (except those with severe acne, eczema and rosacea), the treatment is perfect for that quick fix if you’re looking for a fresh glow. The 60-minute treatment starts by removing makeup before cleansing the face to eliminate impurities. Utilising the fine micro-needling tool, the treatment uses the brand’s Hydrashine Serum to stimulate the skin. Additionally, the process helps boost collagen production and better penetration of the serum’s skin-nourishing nutrients into the skin.

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If it’s your first time micro-needling, don’t be frightened, as the minimally invasive skin procedure feels like a light pinch to the skin. This process helps stimulate the skin’s healing response while maintaining the skin’s firmness and smoothness. Once the process is done, the treatment is followed by a Floral Crystal Mask application, and ending with the necessities: toner, moisturiser and sunscreen – the best is applying SPF 50 for optimal protection.

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Our verdict on the Medi Beaute Aqua BBSkin Facial:

“As someone who has to deal with hormonal acne and combination skin, the Aqua BBSkin Facial was a much-needed treatment for me. It was also my first time trying micro-needling. After the session with Medi Beaute, I could immediately feel the difference in my skin. The Hyaluronic Acid in the treatment left my skin plump and smooth, and even after two weeks, my skin still feels great. The Hydrashine Serum, which is a key component of the treatment, has significantly improved my skin’s texture, making it brighter, healthier and more elastic. I am so happy with the results that I am already planning to go back to Medi Beaute for my second treatment.” – Amalina, Digital Director.

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