How to recreate a salon-worthy blow-dry at home

The perfect blow-dry is something many of us reserve for the pros. But when it’s impossible to get to the salon, it pays to learn how to do some stylist tricks of the trade.

Polished waves will never date, and they needn’t always be achieved with a tong. With our one-tool tutorial, above, using just your hair-dryer you can create a bouncy blow-dry that lasts a couple of days.

Nick Latham, stylist at Hershesons – one of London’s top salon chains – demonstrates how to do perfect, polished waves at home that would rival those of an A-lister.

Step 1

Apply a product such as the Hershesons Almost Everything Cream and rough-dry your hair.

Step 2

When dry, brush the hair through and separate the top section into a rectangle. Secure it away with a clip.

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Step 3

Separate the lower part of your hair into four sections.

Step 4

With the nozzle attached to your hairdryer and using a round brush, blow-dry each section while brushing down the hair shaft for a smooth finish. With each section, bend the end of the hair around the brush as you blow-dry.

Step 5

Continue to divide the top of your hair into similarly small sections, and repeat the motion.

Step 6

When all the sections are done, brush the top section back and let the parting fall naturally.

Step 7

To tame any fly-aways, spray some hairspray like the Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium, into the palms of your hands and smooth them over the hair.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR UK