Miss Dior Takes over Tokyo’s Roppongi Musuem

Miss Dior Exhibition Roppongi Museum

The Miss Dior fragrance is one of those few scents that have truly transcended through generations. After almost eighty years of captivating the beauty and fashion space, it’s getting the celebration it deserves. Opening on June 16 at Tokyo’s Roppongi Museum, Dior unveil a dedicated exhibition for the coveted perfume. Titled “Miss Dior, Stories of a Miss”, It will explore the rich history of this iconic scent, from its initial creation to its latest reinterpretation by Dior’s perfume creation director, Francis Kurkdjian.


With the Miss Dior fragrance making its debut alongside “The New Look” that revolutionised the House of Dior in 1946, you’ll find a great weaving of fashion and beauty all throughout the exhibition. Split into seven rooms, the “Miss Dior, Stories of a Miss” experience showcases not only the perfume itself but also the diverse inspirations and collaborations that have contributed to its cultural significance.


From archival artefacts to contemporary products, couture pieces and modern artworks, the exhibition allows you to really understand why it has become the icon it is today.

Miss Dior Exhibition Roppongi Museum Stories of A Miss

Miss Dior: Stories of a Miss

Your journey starts at “Miss Dior: Stories of a Miss” and the space almost serves as a preview of what’s to come in the exhibition. You will find various versions of the Miss Dior displayed on a gallery wall, which also includes and oversized  reproduction of the latest Miss Dior bottle that even rotates 360 degrees.


Miss Dior Eva Jospin

Miss Dior by Eva Jospin

The next room features a collaboration with French artist Eva Jospin, and longtime friend of the House. Featuring a classical domed room inspired by Rome’s Villa Giulia and adorned with intricately embroidered tapestries, this space is dedicated to just one flacon—a special edition of the Miss Dior designed by Jospin.


Miss Dior Fields of Flowers

Fields of Flowers

Meet the specific five floral notes in the latest Miss Dior Parfum in the “Fields of Flowers”. Making the experience as immersive as possible, Dior have scaled up their atomisers to almost human-size and have transformed them to mimic the look of enlarged flower buds swaying in the wind.


Stories of a Miss

This corner of the exhibition sees the iconic Miss Dior bow be ‘unravelled’ throughout the space—working like a visual timeline that will help you to follow along the displayed history of the Miss Dior.


Miss Dior Exhibition RTW

Miss Dior: The Birth of Ready-to-Wear

One of our favourite sections of the exhibition, it was so exciting to see various pieces from the House’s first ready-to-wear line from 1967. Featuring the original graphic logo reproduced in various scales and vibrant colours, its still amazing to witness the effortless bridging of fashion and beauty.


René Gruau and Mats Gustafson Miss Dior

Dior Illustrated

“Dior Illustrated” features works by René Gruau and Mats Gustafson, Dior’s first and current illustrators. Life-size prints of their delicate works, many displayed for the first time, offer a close-up view of their craftsmanship.


Miss Dior Dream Roppongi Museum
The Miss Dior Dream

The last stop of your journey invites you to explore the various couture garments, artworks and specially designed bottles of the Miss Dior. The star being the dress Natalie Portman wore in the latest Miss Dior campaign hanging right at the centre of the space.


If you find yourself in Tokyo from now till the 15th of July, we highly recommend you to take the time and walk through this limited time exhibition. Reservations can be done through the official Dior Beauty LINE account,