NARS Introduce Six New Shades to their Powermatte Collection


Lipstick does so much more than just add colour to your lips—for some it’s their mood booster, or their instant armour. With just a single swipe, it holds the power to tie a look together, or bring out a persona you never knew you had in you. It’s almost like magic. 


The perfect sidekick that can comfortably fit into your pocket or bag, we turn to NARS’ Powermatte lipstick for when we’re looking for an instant transformation. Whether it’s an everyday nude or a sultry red—this line of lipsticks offers a colour for every situation and every mood.  


Originally, the Powermatte collection offered a range of fifteen vibrant and unique colours, but now they reveal six new members to their family. These six different shades almost embody a distinctive persona that can only be accessed through the lipstick with their statement-making colours. 


To show off their amazing versatility, we called upon some of our friends of BAZAAR. Eyka Farhana, Amelia Henderson and Ashley Lau put these six new shades to their personal test. Transforming themselves from one mood to another, watch what just one swipe can do.


Eyka Farhana

When Eyka is going for a more sweeter look she turns to the NARS Powermatte shade in Start Me Up, but when it’s time to amp it up, she can rely on Rocket Queen to level up her mood and confidence. That’s the transformative power of the NARS Powermatte collection!

Amelia Henderson


From sweet and sophisticated to edgy and glamorous, watch as Amelia Henderson transforms between these two personas with these two new shades of the NARS Powermatte collection.

Ashley Lau

Two different sides of Ashley that come out with just a single swipe. Introducing the new additions to the NARS Powermatte collection, these new shades have the power to change your look and mood instantly.



Now we’d say the hallmark of the Powermatte collection is its intense colour payoff. The lipstick boasts an incredibly rich and vibrant pigmentation that delivers bold and striking colour with just one swipe. Setting into a comfortable, smooth matt finish, the formula is weightless on the lips and promises to stay on for at least ten hours. This is made possible by their signature Power Pigment Complex, a dynamic mixture of pure pigments and ingredients that immediately lock in the colour. And unlike many matt lipsticks that can feel dry and heavy, the Powermatte’s formula is designed for comfort, ensuring your lips stay hydrated and comfortable all day.


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The New Additions


Get ready for an exhilarating surge of deep burgundy as “Get Lucky” ignites with an insatiable passion for life.












Unapologetically bold, Rocket Queen sizzles with its vivacious orange hues.



Exuding an irresistible charm, Be My Girl is a burnt coral red that effortlessly captivates.



With its deep auburn brown richness, No Satisfaction Is an unapologetic statement that demands attention.



In a warm beige embrace, Modern Love, an alluring nude, reveals nothing but confidence.



Start Me Up has an infectious energy that ignites any look with an unstoppable burst of self-assuredness.


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