Glow From Within with The Limited-Edition NARS Super Radiant Booster

“From day one, the message of [Nars] has always been about great looking skin,” says Global Artistry Director of Nars, Uzo who’s been with the cult beauty brand for 20 years after deciding her medical career was no longer her calling. She’s of course, talking about Radiance Repowered — the brand’s Spring 2019 campaign and the message act as a reminder that Nars has always championed in the diversity of beauty products. Adding to the love of complexion and radiance of the cult favourites, Sheer Glow Radiance Foundation and Creamy Radiant Concealer, Nars introduces the Super Radiant Booster: a limited-edition skin illuminator that will amplify your complexion with a pearlescent glow and lightweight, layerable texture.

Unlike any of the other existing Nars highlighters, what makes the Super Radiant Booster so special is that you can use it on its own as skin care or as a primer, mix it with your foundation or dab it over the high points of your face for that high beam glow.

We sat down with the make-up maestro who was in Malaysia for the very first time and her warm and lovely personality overpowered just how jet-lagged she was from her 20+ hours of travel from Los Angeles.

First and foremost, you have been travelling with a jam-packed schedule. What is your secret weapon to dealing with jet lag and exhaustion?

Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated with any form of water, whether it is sparkling or club soda. I don’t drink alcohol or soda. F0r me, it’s about water and trying to go to bed early or relaxing in the tub.

This is your first time in Kuala Lumpur. Does the way you apply makeup differ to what the climate of a country is like? What are the tips for heatproof makeup?

I pretty much wear my makeup the same everywhere I go! The great thing about Nars is that the products work great in every climate. I tend to be matte all over my face, but on my lips, I like a gloss. [Nars] make such great primers, they allow the makeup to stay on longer. The eye shadows have a lot of pigment, the lip glosses are more on the long-wearing side and the lip liners are water resistant. All of that combined, no matter what climate you are in … I feel that I am covered wherever I go.

Global Artistry Director of Nars, Uzo and Digital Editor Elyza Khamil

Nars has always been one of the first brands to champion in the diversity of beauty products, how do you think the Radiance Repowered campaign amplifies that?

I think it is another reminder of how global this brand is. [Nars] have always been like that from the very beginning because we were one of the first to use non-Caucasian models, to lead the ad campaigns since the 90s. Naomi is [François Nars’] muse for the ad campaigns. He used Asian and African models, which was very non-traditional back in the 90s. This shows that beauty is just not one traditional perceived look and I think that the ad campaign is another reminder of how amazing this brand is.

Let’s talk about the Super Radiant Booster. How can you use this to enhance a woman’s radiance?

This is a limited edition product so people need to run and get them while we still have them! The Super Radiant Booster is one of my personal favourites because a little bit of this will make your skin look extremely luminous. This was designed with the universal shade rose gold, which looks great on all skin tones. No matter how fair or deep you are, the rose gold is complimentary for all skin tones. The cream gel texture makes it is easy to use so whether you use it on its own or to enhance our pre-existing complexion formulas, it is amazing!

What are the different ways we can use it?

There are 3 main ways you can use it. First, you can use it mixed into the formula of any complexion products like your foundation. Before you apply it to your face you can put a drop of the booster into your palm and then mix it into the foundation.

If you want to use it more minimally,  you can use it to enhance the highpoints like your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and a little bit on the cupids bow. What I found about this formula which is unique compared to other illuminators, is that it almost dries out to a matte finish. In this weather, it won’t slip and slide. A little bit of this goes a long way. You have to work with it quickly to achieve that luminosity and then it will stay put. This is a new discovery for me too!

I believe you can even put a drop in your moisturiser, to give your skin a little bit of sheen. It has special anti-oxidants which means it is good for your skin!

How do you personally use the Super Radiant Booster?

I use it more in the evening when I want an intense glow. I will put it directly on top of my foundation, at the high points of my cheekbone.

What are your tips to achieving radiant looking skin?

Prep, prep, prep! Skincare, skincare, skincare! Hydrate your skin and use a good moisturiser. I think that women who don’t use foundation are missing out because today’s foundation is skincare. Not only will it enhance and even out your skin tone, but it will also treat your skin. Both of our foundations and concealer have skincare benefits to even out the skin tone and fade any discolouration. There was one summer I didn’t use my concealer for a couple of weeks and I noticed my skin wasn’t as bright. This stuff really does work.

How can we achieve the perfect no makeup, makeup look?

For me personally, I always like the illumination on the skin first. I would apply the Radiance Booster directly to the cheeks. Then depending on the coverage, I would use it to even out the skin tone and give the skin that buttery finish. For the concealer, in areas which need additional coverage like underneath the eyes to help ease any darkness. Or also any discolouration around the nose or mouth? If you want to take it a step further, I would finish the look with Orgasm Blush.

How do you think makeup has continued to inspire the world?

It is an expression itself. You can be who you want to be! Makeup allows us to be a businesswoman in the day and then be somebody sexy at night. We look to make up to inspire us to bring out different looks, personalities or characteristics.

Nars Super Radiant Booster is available at Nars Cosmetics stores nationwide.