Natalie Portman Tells All on the Miss Dior

My first experience with the Miss Dior fragrance was almost ten years ago and the face synonymous with the perfume has always been Natalie Portman. Apart from her considerable film career that spans not just on screen but off as well, I’ve always fawned over her picturesque Miss Dior campaigns—effortlessly transporting me to airy unknown destinations and exuding the very spirit of the fragrance.


From being the face of the Miss Dior Chérie back in 2011, to still fronting the Miss Dior fragrance thirteen years later, it’s quite compelling and admirable to see how the actress has grown and continued to flourish alongside the iconic perfume. 2024’s campaign sees Natalie exude complete joy and confidence. Captured by French director Manu Cossu, her captivating energy echoes the vibrancy of the Miss Dior. Sharing intimate behind the scenes secrets from the recent campaign shoot to, delving deeper into the connection she shares with the Miss Dior, Natalie tells all in our intimate conversation with her.


What was your first memory with the Miss Dior fragrance?

NP: In the beginning, during my first shoot I remember they put a beautiful black bow on my head and it was just so chic. I was so excited to just be associated with the iconic bow as seen on the Miss Dior bottle.


Has your connection with the Miss Dior fragrance changed since your first appearance with the Miss Dior Chérie back in 2011?
NP: I think I realise now that fragrance isn’t about smelling good to other people. It’s about the smell that I want to be surrounded by all day long.


What is it about the Miss Dior that has kept you loyal to the fragrance?
NP: I think that this celebration of women—women’s artistry, freedom and self-expression has been just growing over the years, especially with Maria Grazia Chiuri taking over the design of the house and Delphine Arnault taking over the CEO position. So I think that that kind of emphasis on women’s passions is really extraordinary.





What is it about the revamped Miss Dior fragrance that you feel resonates with you personally?
NP: I think the scent really evokes a summer night with fireflies buzzing at sunset wafting in the air. And then also the packaging is so elegant with the houndstooth detailing—it just really kind of calls back to the elegance of the Dior brand.


If you could describe the fragrance in three words, what would it be?
NP: Romantic, elegant and passionate.


What is the biggest beauty risk you’ve taken?

NP: Shaving my head was a big one. I don’t think a lot of women do that and it was really fun to get to experience that.


What are some of the most memorable moments you’ve experienced whilst being the face of the Miss Dior?
NP: I think being in Grasse when the rose de may were blooming. Just being there with the wind smelling like roses—it was so extraordinary.


What was it like behind the scenes of your recent campaign shoot for the Miss Dior?
NP: Well, it was really fun to dance! I got to choose my own music and unfortunately we just kept playing the same one over and over again, which was funny. Fun to dance! Also, diving into the ocean at the end of the night was really, really fun too.




What was the song that was on repeat?

NP: It was ‘Os Mutantes’—this Brazilian tropicália band and the song was “A Minha Menina”.


When it comes to applying fragrances do you have a special routine or sequence?
NP: My mum showed me to just spray it in the air and then walk through it so that it’s light and not too heavy. So I still do it like that.


Apart from the Miss Dior fragrance, what are some of your other Dior Beauty favourites?
NP: I love the Crème Abricot cuticle cream—I use that a lot. I of course love my 999 red lipstick, the Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara and the Forever concealer.


Could you tell us more about your upcoming project ‘Lady in the Lake’?
NP: I made a series called ‘Lady in the Lake’ for Apple TV that my company MountainA produced and I also star alongside Moses Ingram. I’m very excited about it. Alma Har’el directed it and it’s a murder mystery that takes place in the 1960s in Baltimore.



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You’re finally making your debut as a lead in a non-documentary TV show with ‘Lady in the Lake’, what was the deciding factor behind this?

NP: Well, I’ve been so inspired by how interesting TV has become and it’s a real opportunity to tell a story in a different way at a different pace and have more space to develop a character. So it was a great opportunity to get to do.


If ‘Lady in the Lake’ was a scent, what would it be?

NP: Probably something like smoke.


‘Lady in the Lake’ explores the world of investigative journalism. Did you delve into any real life journalistic stories or historical events to prepare you for that aspect of the role?
NP: I spoke to some journalists about their experiences and some journalists who had worked in that time period, especially women in that time period because it was very difficult for women to be investigative journalists in the 1960s. The story is fictional but based on some real events that happened in Baltimore in the 1960s so I did look into that as well.


What were some of your biggest challenges whilst filming ‘Lady in the Lake’?
NP: There were so many challenges. It was a really hard project. Like every day there were new things that happened that we had to overcome, But we were really lucky to have Alma Har’el leading us. She’s just got such incredible energy and talent, and was really just a bright light for us.


Was there a particular aspect of the narrative of the ‘Lady in the Lake’ that resonated with you?
NP: I think that I was very interested in it because it dealt with a Jewish character in Baltimore in the 1960s, and my family is from Baltimore actually—on my mom’s side of the family. So it was a big imagination of what that time period was like for my ancestors. And then also I think it deals with the question of when oppressed people can become oppressors themselves, which I think is something I’m very interested in as well.


If you could describe how you’d like the rest of your 2024 to turn out in five words or less, what would they be?

NP: Time with my kids.